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Gold Rush!

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Go, Canada, go! Another gold today… this one in women’s snowboarding… and we saw it live! On Sunday we were driving home so heard the first one on the radio. Still exciting though… the first Canadian gold on home turf! Ever!

We went to Toronto on Saturday to attend a dinner/dance fundraiser for breast cancer research. It was put on by friends of Vanessa and Carm and Carm’s band was playing for the event. We had a great time. Other members of Carm’s family were also there so we had a family table.

On Sunday we went on to Oakville to Pat and Cathy’s for the adult version of the grandkids birthday party. Another fun time.

Last week my friend Vicki visited for a few days. We toured around the area… shopping and antiquing.

This week it’s back to the gym routine and of course watching Olympic events ad infinitum. 🙂

One thought on “Gold Rush!

  1. Yes, now we have another GOLD. Skating. You sound busy, and that is good…….. go when you are young, and healthy.. . and enjoy, way to go. Think of you often and we’ll get together one of these days..with much love..Cousin Joan

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