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March Winds

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It has been so windy the last two days, I’m beginning to feel like Dorothy leaving Kansas! Can’t complain too much though because we really haven’t had that much winter this year. Still, I don’t like wind…

Last week we went to a fabulous Blue Rodeo concert. They really do put on a great show. The young group that opened for them was good too.

Regular gym classes… but lots of the familiar faces coming and going from holidays all this month. Also kept busy with two afternoons out scrapbooking. Mike finished a carving… taking advantage of the mild weather. On Friday we spent an evening at our friends, Dave and Loraine’s. Last weekend at Gord and Linda’s we learned how to play Rumoli… a card game even I picked up quickly. Lots of fun.

On a more serious note, I learned recently that two of Mum’s cousins in England, Peter and Janice, have died. Pete had been ill for some time but I don’t know details about Jan yet.

The wind has picked up again… another night of interrupted sleep. Not to mention the hour lost to Daylight Saving Time today… but it was nice to see it still light after 7:00pm.

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