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April Showers, Golf and Taxes

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Last week’s warm, sunny weather has given way to showers… much needed for new plant growth. Last week’s golf games went well… pleasantly surprised by my scores. We played 18 on Wednesday with Terry. Mike got an eagle! He turned away and missed the ball going in the hole, but Terry and I both witnessed it. The following day we did 9 holes with Gord and Linda who then joined us for dinner and a few games of cribbage. Linda and I beat the men soundly… I’m sure they’ll want a rematch. Mike golfed again on Saturday with Bob and then we all had dinner at Marie and Bob’s.

Sunday, M&B and Elizabeth were at our place for Easter dinner. Elizabeth gave us a card with a photo of a rabbit… it was taken in our backyard. I was just saying that we hadn’t seen any of our local bunnies for a while when Mike spotted one by the fence! A special Easter appearance.

This week along with the usual gym & tea, pilates, scrapbooking, etc. I attended the monthly CanLit Lunch group and oh, yes… prepared and filed our taxes.

Lynne is back from her trip to Myrtle Beach. I offered to take some of her new Coach purses off her hands.

Joan is kept very busy working with Darrell as he continues his recovery.

Some sad news today from cousin Ingie. Her brother, cousin Bud, is very ill. She will keep me posted concerning his condition and I’ll pass along any news.

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