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Saturday Movies, Baseball, Hockey…

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Yes, it’s that time of year when the baseball and hockey games are vying for attention. The Jays aren’t doing too badly even though they lost today. It’s their early season promise. I’m not that interested in the hockey since the Leafs of course are out of it. Mike keeps an eye on the playoffs though.

As for movies, we got a few laughs watching an old Jim Carrey movie tonight. A welcome diversion from some of the paper work I was catching up on.

Elizabeth, Marie, Bob and Ferg were here for lunch today. M,B and F had to dash off but E stayed for a while to visit and watch the ballgame.

Mike golfed with Bob on Monday. Then we both golfed with Stephen and Susan on Tuesday before having dinner at their place. Thursday we joined our club again and played nine holes there. So the season is well underway!


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