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We’re Back

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Well, actually we’ve been back a week today. But I arrived home quite sick and so haven’t felt much like writing. The third day of  our trip I awoke with a sore throat… it went from there eventually to my lungs and by the time we got home, it was pneumonia. I’m starting to feel more like myself now so here I am.

Where were we, you ask? On a 16 day TransAtlantic repositioning cruise. We left Fort Lauderdale on April 19 and after 6 full days at sea finally saw land… the island of Madeira. After another full day at sea we stopped in Gibraltar. Another full day at sea to Cagliari, Sardinia. From there it was a port every day… Rome, Florence, Genoa, Monte Carlo and ending in Barcelona. Lots of wonderful sights were seen. I would have preferred to be in better health but we still managed to take advantage of the shipboard life and the shore excursions. But we both agreed that a shorter cruise, maybe 10 days, would be more to our liking another time. Too much lounging around, rich food, etc. for our own good.


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