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Certainly feels like summer. We had a great May 24th weekend with Vanessa and Carm here for a couple of days. Bob and Casey dropped by after a game of golf for a quick visit. Elizabeth enjoyed sharing viewing of the final “Lost” episode with Vanessa. M., C. and I wandered in the park watching the local fireworks since we weren’t watching “Lost”. I enjoyed watching the season finales of a number of programmes this past week… Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, CSI, etc.

Last weekend I stayed in Toronto with Vicki and we attended the annual Ontario Genealogical Society Conference. Lots of interesting speakers and good discussions. Sandra had intended to be at the conference but her plans changed at the last minute.

I am back to my regular gym, pilates and golf schedule after my bout with pneumonia… although I did have to have a tooth pulled last Monday so that meant more antibiotics. The jaw seems to be on the mend… O.K., enough of the medical talk. It is great to be active again.

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