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We’re Havin’ a Heat Wave…

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so the old, old song goes. But it sure applies right now. We even cancelled our golf game this afternoon. Early morning is the only time to be on the course these days. Haven’t been to the gym much because of golf but I did get there once this week and pilates twice. Of course I managed to get to tea with the TeaBags a couple of times to catch up.

We’re off shortly for dinner at Marie and Bob’s. They”re just back from two sweltering weeks helping Irene furnish her new getaway place in Hilton Head.

We have had quite the social whirl lately. Last Friday we golfed with Linda and Gord at their course, then had dinner at their place north of town. Wednesday we had Stephen and Susan here for dinner. Next week Vicki will be visiting to do some Quinte area family research.

Hope it soon gets a wee bit cooler…

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