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It’s Been a Long, Long Time…

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Several weeks have gone by since my last entry, I see. Summer does that to me… golf, gym, pilates. Oh, yes, and the last two weeks have been given over to celebrating not only our anniversary… #17, but also both of our birthdays.

For our anniversary we went to Ottawa for a couple of days. We enjoyed strolling around the market, visiting the National Gallery, and also dancing at an old favourite from our courting days, the Rainbow Room, which always has live music.

We took a side trip into Quebec to find the village of St. Columban. This is where Mike’s Phelan/Brophy ancestors first settled when they came from Ireland in the 1820’s. Several of his direct ancestors are buried in the cemetery there. Check out the photos in my Flickr website (see Blogroll).

On my birthday, which was one of those milestone ones, Mike took me golfing at Black Bear which is a pricey but very nice course. That evening we had a few family and friends over for a barbecue. For Mike’s birthday we had a picnic lunch at a favourite spot in The County then made our way along the lake road to Kingston for dinner.

All these celebrations in such a short time! Fun but tiring… for a senior anyway 🙂


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