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Glorious Fall Days

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Summer is still officially here but the leaves are turning and the nights are quite cool so it does seem like autumn. Many of the flowers in the garden are done but many of the Rose of Sharon are still blooming. The humidity is gone and the sun has been shining most days… glorious!

We went to visit Pat, Cathy and the kids this weekend for Patrick’s birthday. Their new puppy is certainly growing and provides lots of amusement.

On Friday we did another golf and dinner outing … this time at Pine Ridge… with Stephen and Susan, Gord and Linda, Joe and Mary. It’s always fun to try a different course.

Elizabeth took a bus trip to the Metro Zoo today and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was the first time she’d been there in many years.

Tomorrow I’m golfing at Black Bear executive course (meaning par 3) with Tudy and Linda and will probably also go to the ladies’ league later in the day so I’d better sign off and get my beauty rest šŸ™‚


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