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Cousin Andy

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After biking through Europe on a fundraising campaign for a number of months, Andy has decided to settle for a while in Hemsedal, Norway. He is an electrician by trade and has taken a one year contract at a ski resort. He will post updates about his experiences on his blog and Facebook page.
He is presently visiting family in Gloucestershire before starting his new job and is shown here with nephews Archie and Logan.


One thought on “Cousin Andy

  1. hey andy… looks like u have ur hands ( arms full ) some little cuties… not sure if ur on the Brit side or the Canadian side of the Milne plus side… Cousin Jane is sooooooooooo great in keepin us in the loop…. If ya come this side… we’ll have to get to a family blast… hey… maybe we can go to Norway I don’t ski… but could add to the entertainment kkk Cheers could be a ‘Cousin’ Joan

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