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New Set in Heritage Flickr Website

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Ellen LindfieldI have added a Lindfield set to my Flickr Site of family heritage photos. See the link in the Blogroll on the About Us page to access this site.


One thought on “New Set in Heritage Flickr Website

  1. Hi there, my name is susan wood and i am the grandaughter of the late Ralph Smeed. Ralph is son of John William (brother to Charles 2nd). I have been looking a yr flicker pages and info and want to thank you as it has giving myself and my mother (Brenda Smeed) so much pleasure. I will look u up on facebook if that’s ok. You must have many stories and also wonder if u had a look at the Horton/Pallister connection website, where I received info on the whole family, including yrs.
    By the way we are populating the North East of England in Newcastle.

    Thank you again

    Sue x

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