The Milne/Smeed Connection

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Remembering Duncan

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The following are comments made on Facebook as a result of the previous post:

Jane Seal How very sad. Duncan was cared for in the same nursing home as my mother in law so we saw him quite often until 18 months ago when my mother in law passed away. He was obviously happy and well liked by residents and staff .
Yesterday at 4:08pm · Like · 1

Mary Muddell Duncan was a very familiar face in and around Dormansland for most of his life. He could often be seen riding his bike between Dormansland and Dormans Park where he resided for many years, before going into Orchard Court Nursing Home , Lingfield. Your Mum (Bet Smeed Milne)was a great support to him whilst she stayed in Dormansland and I think he must have got great comfort from that.
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Mary Muddell RIP Duncan ( Curly ) Smeed.
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Frances Gaunt So sad Duncan has died. He is the last one of the family I remember from very young. He was always a loner, but seemed happy. I know Grandad thought a lot of him, he lived at Orchard Cottage with Audrey, Perce and Doris when I was young. Sleep well Curly x


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