The Milne/Smeed Connection

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Arthur James Tester 1898-1916


Please check out the story of the brief life of Arthur James Tester, the youngest brother of my dear grandmother. You will find it by going to the Smeed page of this site.

This is the first of my “weekly” stories that I have decided to write this year.



2 thoughts on “Arthur James Tester 1898-1916

  1. Hello, I’ve just started researching the Lind family. Working backwards I can see that Frederick Lind married an Emily Tester in 1916. I think that this Emily is the person in your family although I have yet to confirm this by marriage certificate. I would be very interested to discover what you know as you are clearly much further forward in your family research than me! My interest is that my aunt married Emily’s son Leslie Lind.

    • Hello Duane,
      I think you are right that this is your Emily. However, I just have information about her marriage and the births of her children from the indexes not from actual certificates. Arthur and Emily’s sister, Frances Maud, was my grandmother.

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