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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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This week Elizabeth and I had a wonderful time on a nostalgic road trip to Southwestern Ontario.

In Listowel we visited with cousins, Wanda and Roy Bridge, Velma Hamilton, and Barb Smith who was accompanied by her lovely granddaughter, Joy. We also saw Sandie and George Arlein. Sandie was Elizabeth’s grade five teacher and George worked with Dad at Ontario Hydro.

While in Listowel we also did the rounds of our old haunts and some cemeteries as well.  On to Goderich to see the sun set into Lake Huron which we remember from camp and cottage days.  Of course we checked out the camp where the Listowel Recreation hosted Camp Aquatalah for many years. Some things seemed the same; some things were much changed. We were last there in 1965!

Last stop was Stratford where we made a brief stop at the Perth County Museum where a long standing mystery was solved. (More on that in another post.)  Before heading home we had lunch and a brief but enjoyable visit with cousins, Joan Rolph and Marg Illman.

The bell and cornerstone from the old school

The bell and cornerstone from the old school


One thought on “A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. It was great see Cousin Jane and Lizabeth, (also Marg) last week…. in Stratford. Stratford in a pretty small city…with ;many; tourists and great theaters and great restaurants, although I didn’t make a great choice time I’ll scout the places out more. Lots of activities happening year around… Now, Marg and I will have to take the 401 and visit Jane and Lizabeth .of included Mike… as he is agreat host. Enjoy the rest of the summer , ladies and will chat soon. much love ..Cousin Joan

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