The Milne/Smeed Connection

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Catherine Johnson Milne

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Catherine Johnson Milne

Catherine Johnson was born in New York City on November 16, 1846.

She married William Milne at Black’s Tavern, Flamborough West Township, Wentworth County on October 3, 1871.

In the late 1870’s, William and Catherine moved first to Grey Township, Huron County and then to Elma Township, Perth County where they purchased land at West 1/2 Lot 1, Concession 7.

Billy and Catherine had four children. Mary Rebecca died before her second birthday and is buried at Millgrove Cemetery in Flamborough West. William Johnston (Willie) died at age eleven.

Robert James, the eldest of Billy and Catherine’s children, lived most of his adult life in Grey Township, Huron County and at the family farm in Elma. In the early 1920’s, Charles Alexander moved his family to Texas.

Catherine died on this day, October 31 in 1911 after a series of strokes. She and Billy are buried with their son, Willie, in Elma Centre Cemetery a short distance from their farm.

Catherine and Billy are my Great Grandparents.



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