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An Interesting Find

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Elizabeth has sent me a copy of a photo that she found earlier today. It was tucked in the back of one of Mum’s mini photo albums. As near as we can determine the photo was taken in 1965 which was the first time Mum returned to England since she arrived in Canada in 1946.

Although that trip was made to attend her mother’s (Frances Maud Tester Smeed) funeral, there were also some happy moments as Mum was able to visit family members she had not seen in twenty years. The accompanying photo shows Mum and her brother, Arthur, visiting their Aunt Ciss.

L to R – Arthur Charles Smeed, Cicely Smeed Swann, Doris Elizabeth Smeed Milne (Mum)

One thought on “An Interesting Find

  1. What a lovely photo. That was when I first me your wonderful Mum x

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