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Family History Month

October is Family History Month. I’m inviting members of the extended Milne/Smeed  family to share your favourite stories. Send them to me via email or Facebook message. Include a photo if possible. I’ll share them on the website.


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A Marriage at Black’s Tavern

William Milne and Catherine Johnson were married on October 3, 1871.

According to the marriage registration, Billy and Catherine were married at Black’s Tavern, Flamborough West Township, Wentworth County. The tavern was owned by Joseph Black, the father-in-law of Billy’s brother, Charles.

William was the son of Charles Milne and Elspet Ross. Catherine was the daughter of William Johnson and Rebecca Cromer.

More detail about the lives of Billy and Catherine can be found on the Milne page of this website.

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Anita Zehbe Smeed

Anita Eva Margot Zehbe (1927 – 2017) was born 23 August 1927 in Berlin, Germany. She was the daughter of Berthold Paul Zehbe and Martha Anna Elisabeth Broy.

Anita married Arthur Charles Smeed on 24 July 1951 in Dormansland, Surrey, England.

Anita and Arthur had two sons, Alan and Michael, three grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. Arthur died in 2001 a few months before their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Although Anita was in failing health recently, she rallied to celebrate her 90th birthday in late August. Aunt Anita passed away late Sunday, 17 September 2017.

Anita Zehbe Smeed


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Remembering a Reunion

I have changed the header on the website to mark the passing of fifteen years since the “Descendants of Charles Milne and Elspet Ross Reunion” which was held in June 2002. Too many of those in the photo are no longer with us and the youngsters are all grown up.  It’s good to have this photo and the many others that were taken on that special day.

Milne Family Reunion 2002

Milne Reunion 2002