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Christmastime 1946

The following is an excerpt from a memoir that my Mum, Doris Elizabeth Smeed Milne, a war bride wrote about our experiences during our first year in Canada. Mum was in her mid-eighties when she wrote these stories down for us.

Christmastime 1946

We were invited to the children’s Christmas concert at Trowbridge school. After the concert a lunch of sandwiches and cookies was served then Santa Claus came and distributed gifts from the Christmas tree. Jane received a pretty coloured rubber ball. It was a present from her cousins, Betty and Joan.

We were invited to Ellie and Frank’s for Christmas Day. There were eighteen of us there. Frank and Ellie and their five children (Velma, the youngest was seven months old); Bob, Kath (also a war bride) and Ann Milne; Grandma Milne and George; Ellie’s brothers Charlie and Roy Thedorf  and Roy’s war bride, Sheila; Charlie, Jane and me.

What a banquet! We had not seen so much since before the war. After dinner the younger children had their afternoon naps. The men sat smoking their cigarettes and reminiscing while the women all worked at clearing the tables and washing the stacks of dishes. When the work was done we all sat down and relaxed for a while.

After the children arose from their naps Santa Claus arrived to give presents out from under the big Christmas tree. Jane received a doll from Charlie and me. She promptly undressed it and walked around carrying it by one foot. That poor doll was always in a state of undress no matter how many times I put its clothes back on.

Jane and Doll Snow

                                                         Jane and her Christmas doll 


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Ida Muriel Milne Cross

Ida Muriel Milne was born on 26 July 1922 in Elma Township, Perth County. She was the daughter of Robert Milne and Jane Crowe Milne.

On 28 February 1946, Ida married Alastair Cross at Christ Church, Anglican in Listowel. Ontario. Al and Ida had two children, Noreen and Douglas.

Ida died on 19 November 2000 in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Ida Milne Cross