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Merry Christmas To All

Thanks to all the family and friends who have sent Christmas cards, news updates and photos. So far, cards have come from England, Northern Ireland, Spain, the USA as well as from all across Canada. Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.


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March Winds

It has been so windy the last two days, I’m beginning to feel like Dorothy leaving Kansas! Can’t complain too much though because we really haven’t had that much winter this year. Still, I don’t like wind…

Last week we went to a fabulous Blue Rodeo concert. They really do put on a great show. The young group that opened for them was good too.

Regular gym classes… but lots of the familiar faces coming and going from holidays all this month. Also kept busy with two afternoons out scrapbooking. Mike finished a carving… taking advantage of the mild weather. On Friday we spent an evening at our friends, Dave and Loraine’s. Last weekend at Gord and Linda’s we learned how to play Rumoli… a card game even I picked up quickly. Lots of fun.

On a more serious note, I learned recently that two of Mum’s cousins in England, Peter and Janice, have died. Pete had been ill for some time but I don’t know details about Jan yet.

The wind has picked up again… another night of interrupted sleep. Not to mention the hour lost to Daylight Saving Time today… but it was nice to see it still light after 7:00pm.

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Here I am… not too long between posts this time. We have had some cold but often bright and sunny days so far this month. Of course, there is snow but not that much and the roads are usually fine for driving.

We had a lovely evening at Al and Doreen’s on Saturday. Tudy and Terry were also there as well as a couple from Toronto. Interesting company and a delicious dinner.

I have been trying to up the ante with gym classes to counteract the excess food consumption over the Christmas season. Mondays I now do the new BodyVibe class as well as pump in order to get some more cardio. The rest of the week is the usual routine so far. I think I need to add more cardio on the other days as well.

Last week at QFA we saw a moving, award winning movie from Japan called “Departures”. Last night we went to see “Avatar”. The story has been done in various versions before, but the 3D special effects are amazing!

Today our CFUW quilting/scrapbooking group met for the first time since before Christmas. Some beautiful quilts are in progress. Tomorrow, Elizabeth and I go to Marilyn’s for our other scrapbooking group.

I’ve also been having some fun researching Mike’s family. It’s amazing what I have found so far using Ancestry, the Family History Library and Scotland’s People.

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It’s Another Week

Monday again… went to gym for pump class then tea with the ladies. This afternoon we took advantage of the continuing warm weather to wash windows, then Mike did some carving while I did some scrapbooking. Ah, the joys of retirement!

Last Wednesday we golfed with our friend Terry… a gorgeous sunny day with spectacular views across the Oak Hills. And I had my best score ever! Mike golfed again on Saturday with Ian. What a November this has been, weather-wise.

Julia seems to be on the mend after her bout with H1N1. No-one else in their family seems to have got it.

Darrell was home again with Joan for the weekend and will possibly be home for good soon.

Sad news from England, where our Uncle Tony died on Sunday. He is cousin Frances’ Dad and Lucy’s Granddad. Our thoughts are with them and all the family: John, Mary, Ian, Jane, Sonia, Barry, Tony, Adam and Sarah.

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Tempus Fugit

Almost two weeks since I made an entry…
Last Tuesday I gave a genealogy presentation at the library… a case study based on my search for one of my great greatgrandmothers. I did it as a Powerpoint and that was a learning situation for me since I had never done one before. It was lots of work to get it together but fun to present. I’ve been asked to present it again at a future date.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful. Mike golfed last Thursday and we’re going out again this week. Unbelievable to be golfing here in mid November!
Joan was happy to have Darrell home for the past weekend… and it coincided with her birthday.
Little Julia apparently has H1N1… has been sick for the last few days. Hope she’s feeling better soon.
Mike and I, Elizabeth, Stephen and Susan all had dinner at Marie and Bob’s on Sunday. Bob has just returned from a trip with Casey… Belgium as well as South Africa where they went on safari as well as touring the Cape area. Sounds like a place to see some day.

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NYC, Routines, Hallowe’en

No sooner were we back from Maryland than we were off to New York for four days. This was a trip that had been planned for the middle of September. The bus company very kindly found a couple to take our place on that trip and gave us the later date.

We had a great time… walked for many miles and many hours. While we were strolling through Central Park, Mike looked down and at his feet was a US bill with Ben Franklin’s photo on it. Yes, a $100 bill! A quick check at a bank proved it to be genuine so there was no chance of arrest for passing phony money or of cheating some poor cashier when we spent it.

This trip we didn’t see any shows but we spent Friday evening at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. Some great art in an interesting building.

Not a lot of shopping was done but we did manage to discover Filene’s Basement which has designer labels at fabulous prices.

Back to routine this past week with daily visits to the gym and/or pilates. Always good to be home and in the routine.

Cousin Darrell came home from the hospital on Wednesday after more than four months but unfortunately had to be readmitted yesterday. Not sure of the situation at the moment. As ever, our prayers are with him and Joan.

Tonight, Hallowe’en was extremely blustery although not too cold. The full moon and surrounding clouds were appropriately eerie. Our number of Trick or Treaters was down a bit… 90 instead of the usual 110+… this means candy left that we now have to avoid eating:)