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Audrey Madelaine Smeed (1888 – 1970)

Audrey Madelaine Smeed was born in East Grinstead, Sussex on 23 June 1888 and died in Dormansland, Surrey on 27 October 1970. She was the eldest of the seven children of Charles Smeed 2 and Ann Maria Burt.

The 1891 census shows Audrey living with her parents at Blackwell Farm, East Grinstead. In 1901 the family had grown and Audrey lived in Burstow, Surrey with her parents, one of her brothers and two sisters. By 1911 the family of parents and all seven children lived at Newchapel, Surrey where Charles was a gamekeeper.

After Charles retired he and his wife lived at Orchard Cottage, Dormansland, Surrey. As the only daughter who never married, Audrey lived most of her life with her parents. After their deaths in the early 1940s Audrey remained at Orchard Cottage on her own. She was later joined there by her brother, Percy. Their sister, Doris, also resided with them from time to time.

Percy died in 1969 and Audrey passed away on 27 October 1970 at the age of eighty-two.


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Alice Maud Stone Meadmore

Alice Maud Stone (1899 – 1943), the daughter of Pharoah Stone and Emily Frances Burt was born October 28, 1899 in Lingfield, Surrey. Alice married Joseph Lewis Meadmore in Dormansland, Surrey on 29 November 1930.

In the late afternoon of 9 July 1943, a lone German bomber returning to the coast after a raid on London dropped several bombs on the town of East Grinstead, Sussex. The bombs killed 108 people, many of them children who were watching a matinee at the Whitehall Cinema. At least 235 people were injured.

Alice was among the fatalities in one of the shops that was destroyed. She was buried in Dormansland and is commemorated on a plaque in St. John’s Church, Dormansland.

Alice Maud Stone Meadmore

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Two January Weddings

Two Weddings on This Day in History

Charles Smeed (1865-1942) and Ann Maria Burt (1866-1943) were married on 12 January 1887 at St. Swithun’s Parish Church, East Grinstead, Sussex.

Their son, Charles Smeed (1890-1979) and Frances Maud Tester (1893-1965) were married on 12 January 1918 at Horne Parish Church, Newchapel, Surrey.

Charles Smeed and Ann Maria Burt Smeed

Charles Smeed and Ann Maria Burt Smeed

Charles Smeed and Frances Maud Tester Smeed

Charles Smeed and Frances Maud Tester Smeed



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Remembering GreatUncle Arthur James Tester

One hundred years ago today, on 3 September 1916, my grandmother’s dear brother, Arthur James Tester, died in action at The Somme. Arthur, who was 18 years of age is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme Battlefields.

For more detail of Arthur’s brief life and service see the article on the Smeed page of this website.

Arthur James Tester


William Smeed (1791 – 1880)

William Smeed was born in early 1791 and baptized on 30 January 1791 in Otford, Kent, England. He was the son of Elizabeth Smeed.

William married Caroline Turner on 2 November 1814 in Withyham, Sussex. The couple had twelve children during a long life together.

He was the farmer at Brooklands Farm and then for many years the farmer at Fairlight Farm. Both of these farms are near East Grinstead, Sussex. William died at Fairlight Farm on 7 May 1880. He is buried beside Caroline at St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church in Cowden, Kent.


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Thomas Tester and Elizabeth Scott

Thomas Tester and Elizabeth Scott were married on 6 May 1876 in Rotherfield, Sussex, England. Thomas was the son of Sarah Tester and Elizabeth was the daughter of Harriet Scott.
Census records and the varied birthplaces of their twelve children show that they moved often within the county of Sussex. They had their share of tragedy as one daughter died at a very early age and their son, Arthur, was killed at the Somme in 1916.
Thomas died in 1916 and Elizabeth died in 1919.

Elizabeth Scott Tester

Elizabeth Scott Tester


Charles Smeed 1 (1833-1916)

Charles Smeed 1 was born on 15 April 1833 at Brooklands Farm, East Grinstead, Sussex. He was the son of William Smeed and Caroline Turner.

Charles married Ellen Lindfield in 1864. Until his retirement he was the farmer at Hoskins Farm, East Grinstead. He died in East Grinstead on 21 November 1916.

Charles Smeed 1