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Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy 21st birthday to Tom Tester, born 15 April 1996. Proud parents are Tony and Marie.

Tom shares his name with his great great grandfather, Thomas Tester (1850 – 1916)     but he also shares his birthday with his great great great grandfather, Charles Smeed 1 (15 Apr 1833 – 21 Nov 1916).




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Two January Weddings

Two Weddings on This Day in History

Charles Smeed (1865-1942) and Ann Maria Burt (1866-1943) were married on 12 January 1887 at St. Swithun’s Parish Church, East Grinstead, Sussex.

Their son, Charles Smeed (1890-1979) and Frances Maud Tester (1893-1965) were married on 12 January 1918 at Horne Parish Church, Newchapel, Surrey.

Charles Smeed and Ann Maria Burt Smeed

Charles Smeed and Ann Maria Burt Smeed

Charles Smeed and Frances Maud Tester Smeed

Charles Smeed and Frances Maud Tester Smeed



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Remembering GreatUncle Arthur James Tester

One hundred years ago today, on 3 September 1916, my grandmother’s dear brother, Arthur James Tester, died in action at The Somme. Arthur, who was 18 years of age is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme Battlefields.

For more detail of Arthur’s brief life and service see the article on the Smeed page of this website.

Arthur James Tester

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More Five and Six Generation Collages

My grandmother, Frances Tester Smeed, had four children, three of whom were daughters. These daughters each had at least two daughters who also had daughters…and so on.

I was also fortunate to have a photo of Frances’ mother, Elizabeth Scott Tester, my great grandmother.

Some years ago I made a five generation collage for my mother using the traditional cut and paste method. Since then I have redone the original in digital format and that was the collage I posted on Mother’s Day.

Recently, I have completed collages of five or six generations for some of my cousins and their daughters. I remain on the hunt for more family photos to share.

Frances and Lucy

Mary and Claire