The Milne/Smeed Connection

Family Stories Past and Present

About Us

The Milne/Smeed Connection is a result of the marriage of Charlie Milne of Canada and his English warbride, Bet Smeed. This blog is an attempt to keep relatives on both sides of the ocean up to date with family events and to share information about our family history.


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi there you two.
    I think this is a great idea. It is my first time on a blog, what a unique idea.
    Very intersting everthing that is going on in your family. Say happy birthday (belated) to Aunt Bet for me.
    Joyce broke her hip a month ago so it means trips to the hospital. She came home yesterday and is doing ok. It is tough when you have Parkinsons disease along with cancer. What a sick bunch we are out here in Oakville. I guess that is the way it is suppost to be. Say hi to everyone for me and keep in touch.


  2. I have some happy news…. My grandson Shawn Wood…. (my oldest son Chris and Laurie Wood..). has a wedding date planned…. it is Sept 26th 2014…. and that would have been my 1st Hubby and my 55 wedding anniversary…. not that the ‘kids’ planned it that way…. The wedding and Affair will be held at the Elmhurst Inn near Ingersol …. lovely setting for a wedding… Chris will not let me even mention wedding plans…. He calls this “THE ROYAL WEDDING ” but in the end… he is a big teddy bear…. I am happy for Shawn and Jenni…

  3. What a great site! I have been tracing my family history and believe that Ida Hewitt was my second cousin twice removed. The Hewitts came from Norfolk, England, originally, around 1836. Best wishes from a distant cousin, Wendy

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