The Milne/Smeed Connection

Family Stories Past and Present

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Getting There

… But I still need assistance to get all the names posted here. Please check the blank numbers to see if you can help me out. This is a lesson to me to remember to label photos at the time of the event.

1.Maureen Milne 2. Kathy Milne Duncan 3. Darrell Rolph 4. Frank Wheelihan 5. Noreen Cross Whyte

6. Velma Crowe Hamilton 7. Donna Crowe Turney 8. Marilyn Adams Fischer 9. Earl Illman 10. Vanessa Thomas

11. — 12. Elwood Milne 13. Barbara Smith 14. Jack Milne 15. Kenny Smith 16. — 17. — 18. Ray Elliott

19. Murray Milne 20. — 21. Tisyn Milne 22. — 23. — 24. — 25. Kevin Wood 26. — 27. Eric Petterson

28. — 29. Jeff Wood 30. — 31. — 32. — 33. Ingrid Petterson Levesque 34. — 35. — 36. —

37. Joyce Petterson Denison 38. Donna Sinko Wood 39. Sandra Weber Milne 40. Shestin Milne 41. Hunter Milne

42. Jeff Wood, Jr. 43. Jane Milne Taylor 44. Annie McMillan Milne 45. Marg Smith Illman 46. Shaina Wood

47. Doris (Betty) Smeed Milne 48. Joan Milne Rolph 49. Dorcas Hamilton Milne

Milne Family Reunion 2002

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Putting Names to the Faces

Help! Before I post a list of the people in the photo from the previous entry, I need some help to get all the names right. It has been 12 + years and I want to get the names connected to the correct people. Please have a look at the chart below and send me the names with numbers for members of your own family. I especially need help with the younger members.

Milne Family Reunion 2002outline

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Some Descendants of Charles Milne and Elspet Ross

Is it time for another family reunion? Here is a photo of some of the participants in the Descendants of Charles Milne and Elspet Ross Reunion of 15 July 2002. They are representatives of the family of William Milne and Catherine Johnson.

Milne Family Reunion 2002

How many of these people can you identify?

Check back later this week.

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For My Great Great Grandmother on St. Patrick’s Day

Rebecca CROMER JOHNSON McARTHUR was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland on 10 May 1807. She lived a long life in three countries, married and was widowed twice and raised three daughters mainly on her own in what must have been difficult circumstances. She died in September, 1902.


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