The Milne/Smeed Connection

Family Stories Past and Present

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Dorothy Elizabeth Cole Milne

Dorothy Elizabeth Cole was born in Toronto on 16 September 1912.  On 22 November 1930, she married William John Milne and they made their home in Upsala before moving to Fort William in 1942.

The couple had four children,  James, Ida, William Jr. and Dorothy. Bill died in 1969 and Dorothy died in 2012 just a few months before her 100th birthday.

Dorothy as a child

Dorothy as a child

Dorothy Cole Milne

Dorothy at her 99th birthday

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Robert Jack Milne

Robert Jack Milne was born in Fort William, Ontario on 5 September 1932. He was the son of Robert Johnston Milne and Evelyn Mary Harris.

In 1958, Jack married Eleanor Veasey in Lafleche, Saskatchewan. The couple had two daughters, Roberta and Joy. They resided in Saskatchewan and then British Columbia.

The couple enjoyed many years together before both died in Richmond, B.C. – Eleanor in September 2005 and Jack in July 2006 .

Jack and Eleanor

Photo ca 1987

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August Birthdays

August is definitely a birthday month in the Milne and Smeed families. Some have already been highlighted but some were missed when summer took me away from the computer. On this last day of the month here are some other August family birthdays.

August 2 – Mary Agnes Dorothy Milne (1916 – 1972)

August 2 – Margaret Elizabeth (Betty) Milne (1939 – 1999)

August 14 – Anthony (Tony) Tester (1926 – 2009)

August 18 – Eleanor Veasey Milne (1935 – 2005)

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Phyllis Gwendolyn Smeed Knowles

Phyllis Gwendolyn Smeed was born on 16 August 1921 in Dormansland, Surrey, England. She was the daughter of Charles Smeed 3rd and Frances Tester Smeed. Phyllis married Harold Knowles on 19 July 1941 in Dormansland.

Phyllis came to St. Thomas, Ontario with her two young daughters, Mary and Betty, in 1946 as a war bride. Two sons, Bill and John, were born once Phyllis and Harold were in Canada.

Phyllis died on 15 June 1995 in St. Thomas.

Phyllis Gwendolyn Smeed

Phyllis Gwendolyn Smeed



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A Wedding of Note in Gloucestershire

Peter Hewitt Nash and Joan Mary Barnfield were married on 14 August 1948 at St. James Church, Stoke Orchard, Gloucestershire.

The wedding was of special interest as it was the first marriage ceremony ever performed in the eight hundred year old church which had not previously been licensed to conduct such rites.

The accompanying photo was from a contemporary news item in a local paper.



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