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Andrew Charles Buffrey

Andy Buffrey 1981 – 20144307_102043646286_3162709_n

For almost a year, I have followed and reported on the adventures of cousin Andy as he travelled across Europe cycling, skydiving and fundraising for a special needs school. When he reached Hemsedal, Norway he decided to stay and work there. After a brief trip home to Gloucestershire in October to visit his family, he returned to Norway to settle in. His Facebook page showed how much he was enjoying his time there.

Yesterday, we received the tragic news that he had died in a cycling accident on his way home from work. Postings on his Facebook page reflect how highly he was regarded by all who knew him.

These are the thoughts of his Mum, Wendy:
“It does not seem to matter where in the world our son Andy Buffrey went, he made an impact on others. He made every second of his time with us count.
His thirst for knowledge and new experiences and the odd beer or two was endless. He Lived his life the way he wanted without compromising . Though his loss has devastated us we would not have changed him or any of his ambitions.
This last year Has seen Andrew at his very Happiest, he was as many of you have said ” living his dream”. Believe me when I say I am humbled at the support, love, and help we have been receiving from you all xx Thank you”


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Cousin Andy

After biking through Europe on a fundraising campaign for a number of months, Andy has decided to settle for a while in Hemsedal, Norway. He is an electrician by trade and has taken a one year contract at a ski resort. He will post updates about his experiences on his blog and Facebook page.
He is presently visiting family in Gloucestershire before starting his new job and is shown here with nephews Archie and Logan.


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Gloucestershire friends skydiving across Europe for National Star College


DARING friends are cycling across Europe and skydiving in each country along the way to raise money for a college for young people with disabilities.

Andrew Buffrey, from Springbank, and Marcus Hill, from Tewkesbury, are cycling across the continent to help boost funds for the National Star College in Ullenwood.

  1. Gloucestershire friends skydiving across Europe for National Star College

    Gloucestershire friends skydiving across Europe for National Star College••

They have already biked their way through France and Luxembourg and are currently in Belgium.

From there, they will go on to Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden, before reaching the final foreign destination of Norway.

They are doing a skydive in each country along the way, and are asking people to sponsor them as they take on the mammoth challenge.

They set off in March and expect the journey to take around six months. They will be camping out each night to save as much money as possible to donate to the college.

Both electrician Andrew and artist Marcus are keen skydivers, and they have set themselves a budget of just £1,500 for the entire journey.

They hope to find casual labour along their way to pay for the cost of doing each skydive.

Andrew was inspired to take on the gruelling cross-continent trek after being hugely impressed by the students and staff at the National Star College when he did some work there.

The 31-year-old said: “I chose to support the college after carrying out some electrical work on their changing rooms a couple of years ago.

“I saw the amazing work they do and had the pleasure of talking with a few of the kids and teenagers there.

“We decided to do this challenge because we are both keen skydivers and neither of us have travelled much in our lives, so we figured Europe was a safe place to start. We chose to cycle and wild camp the journey, simply because it suits our budget of just £1,500 each.

“We will have to find work along the way to ensure we can make all the jumps, especially as we approach the Scandinavian countries.”

The college provides further education, training and personal development for young people aged 16 to 25 with physical and mental disabilities.

To sponsor Andrew and Marcus, go to

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