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Happy New Year

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I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. We were very happy to have my cousin Frances and her daughter, Lucy here to spend Christmas with us. They were especially glad to spend time with Mum.
This was their first Canadian Christmas… in fact their first visit to Canada. We spent a number of days here and then went to Toronto to Vanessa’s for a few days of shopping and sightseeing… my second time ever for going up the CN Tower. We also found time to see Niagara on the Lake and of course, Niagara Falls, both in daylight and when lit up.
After New Year’s Eve at the Sheraton, watching the City Hall celebration, they flew home today… are probably in flight right now and I wish them a safe flight and return home.
Mike and I spent New Year’s Eve with Tudy and Terry… here for dinner and then at a dance featuring the band, Freddie Vette and the Flames. Had a great time!

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