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Where Do the Weeks Go?

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Already almost a week since I last wrote… and a busy one too. Besides the gym or pilates every weekday we also golfed three times.

On Friday, we biked down to Zwicks where we met Elizabeth and wandered around the “Waterfront and Ethnic Festival”… listened to the live band; Mike ate momos (Thai); E. and I had some roti (Trinidadian) something I haven’t had for ages but always enjoy since curry is one of my favourite foods. The weather was great… warm, sunny, still. A perfect evening by the water. Saturday and Sunday were fairly quiet days for us for a change.

Mike golfed with Terry and Dave this morning while I went to pump class and then tea with the ladies.

This afternoon, E. and I went to visit Mum. Later I went to the ladies’ golf league and was pleased with my score.

Cousin Darrell is making some slow progress according to Joan’s last report.

Marie is hopefully on the mend after her back surgery.


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